Poker Calculators – Increase Your Winnings – Know Your Opponents – Master the Odds

As you know, poker is a game of skill. If you keep playing without calculate odds, create player profiles and know the basic strategies, you will empty your bankroll in a moment.

If you should learn just one out of these – odds calculation would be the most important to manage. Instant correct calculation of odds will make you a big-pot-winner. Why is it so important? If you hold a drawhand for flush, you have 9 outs. Anyway, there are 47 cards left and 9 help you, which mean that 38 don’t help you. Thus the odds against you making your hand are 38:9 which is very close to 4:1 (it’s actually 4.22:1). Approximations are close enough for these decisions unless you suck as approximations. Since you are 4:1 against making your hand, then you are getting the correct price from the pot as long as it’s paying you 4:1 or more on your bet. If there is $30 in the pot and the bet is $5, then you can call because the pot is paying you 6:1 to hit your 4:1 shot. If you miss on the turn, then you must recalculate because in limit poker, the turn bet is bigger, and you might no longer have the correct odds for your draw. Let’s say that you didn’t hit on turn, your odds for hitting on river is 37:9, which is 4:1 (actually 4.11:1). If the pot contains $50 and the bet is $10 you have 5:1 to hit your draw, it means that you can call here. Your position is very important, if somebody raises behind you, your odds becomes worse Best sports betting malaysia.

This example is one of the easiest odds calculations you can make. More complex calculations are the implied odds and reversed implied odds. These calculations are more difficult to make, it desires a mathematical skills. If you think it is hard to calculate odds and you love playing poker you can use a poker calculator. A poker calculator makes instant odds calculations and much more, it will help you a lot. If you haven’t used a poker calculator you can download for free and try.

Remember – without calculations you will become easy bait for the sharks.

I have played poker for a couple of years, mostly for coffee money. After I started play with a poker calculator I went from a mediocre poker player to a constant winning poker player. I highly recommend you to use a poker calculator, its an easy way to fortune.

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