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Iridology and Nutrition, Iridology Analysis As an Indicator of a Successful Healing Process

Successful Photos were taken by Bob Elbert for the purposes of refreshing various Food Science and Human Nutrition program brochures. All photos were taken with the express purpose of promotion and there are now associated stories. Most photos were taken at the Food Science building but those taken at off campus locations will be noted in the metadata. These photos help focus on the collaborative small group nature of much of the Food Science and Human Nutrition program. Here students discuss together and with a professor over a number of study topics. These photos represent all of the FSHN majors.

The holistic model of medication cannot be envisioned devoid of iridology and nutrition. The truth is that iridology and nutrition are heavily interrelated and complement eachother. If iridology investigation reveals inherent weakness at the digestive system or toxicity from elimination organs, then it just usually means that your overall body’s nourishment is suffering. About the read more …


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